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Leslie Cohen


Reiki & kinesiology specialist

Health Kinesiology™ is a holistic therapy which uses muscle testing to find the imbalance in your body. Like a fuse box with blown circuits we try to find which circuits in your body are blocking your energy flow. 

"Your Biography is your Biology"


Imagine what your body would say if you could communicate directly with it? Health Kinesiology™ uses the principle that your body has an innate wisdom and knows what it needs to keep itself in balance. Through simple muscle testing your body can tell you what it needs for health and wellbeing. By rebalancing your Bio Energy system, your body can regain its innate healing capacity. Energy, or Qi, can then flow harmoniously throughout your body enabling you to feel emotionally, physically and psychologically balanced.Health Kinesiology™ is a journey which treats the cause and not just the symptoms.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 




 Kinesiology sessions are unique to the individual. The tools that we use could include thought, essential oils, crystals, a Tibetan singing bells ,magnets plus many other things.


Reiki is based on qi ("chi"), which  is a universal life force. Through touch we can help transfer the life energy through the body.



42A Hakidma Street

Herzliya, ISRAEL

Tel: 054-469-9109






"I was unfamiliar with HK before my sessions and didn't know what to expect. Leslie explained everything clearly before the session and answered any questions I had. The sessions themselves were relaxing and eye-opening.​ I learned things about myself which help explain certain aspects of the way I approach life. "

—  Tara A, London —


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